Saturday, May 30, 2009

Aglow Meeting with Carla Reed, Tuesday, June 2 at 7 pm, New LIfe Assembly of God, 1120 N. Harrison, Pierre, SD

Please invite everyone who would be interested in Carla’s ministry or in Aglow. I plan to send some postcards to some who don’t have email addresses.

Carla Reed of Selah Ministries will minister at a meeting on Tuesday, June 2, 7 pm at New Life Assembly of God, 1120 N. Harrison, Pierre, SD.

Carla, seen here with Patty Lihs, is a dear friend and we will be blessed if you are able to join us in welcoming her.

Women and men are welcome, and childcare will be available.

We will also be blessed by Sunny Holloway, Main Street Dance, who has choreographed a dance to the song, “Jesus Christ, the Apple Tree.”

Aglow International ( is a trans-denominational organization of Christian women and men that emphasizes prayer and outreach with the Gospel.

Excerpt from Carla’s last ministry email:
Carla Reed

21200 E Country Vista Dr #L-104
Liberty Lake, WA 99019
Phone: 509-599-0433

Dearest Friends,

Blessings and Greetings to all of you on this beautiful Memorial Day weekend. I trust each of you have enjoyed your holiday weekend and are ready for summer. It had been a very long winter for many of us in the northwest, and I'm ever so happy the sun is shining, the trees have leafed out, birds are singing, and flowers are blooming all over Liberty Lake and the area. After the dreariness of winter and the weariness of living under a cloud of constant bad national news, most of us are feeling like we can breathe and hope again.

It has been quite awhile since my last correspondance. Although, I have limited my out of town travel, I have kept busy nevertheless. I have spent several weeks writing and editing my first book on the Water Story. As I began to write, I felt the Lord showed me there will be three books on the Water Journey and that the nine year journey has paralleled a woman's pregnancy. I never saw or considered it like that before, and it made complete sense.

I hope to have some copies ready by this summer and will keep you posted. Pray with me about the formatting, publishing, printing and financing of the book. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the size, content, and easy to read stories that are woven into the book. You could eventually find your stated,river, lake, ocean or city named in the stories. As of now, the writing of the first book is finished, excepting for continued review and proofing.

I will be leaving this week for a month long trip to the midwest. This is my first major excursion in the Glory Van since I finished the twelve week trip to the east coast last fall. I am planning to drive back to South Dakota to celebrate my mother's 80th birthday on June 5. She is living in Neligh, NE, and my family is hoping to surprise her. My dad who lives in Mitchell, SD has just turned 85, and I feel I need to spend some time with both of my aging parents. Then I will travel to Anderson, Indiana where I will get to see my new grandson, Titus, for the first time. He was born in January and is my daughter's fifth child. I will be stopping in Worland and Sheridan,Wyoming, Pierre and Herrick, South Dakota, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. So if you're on my route, contact me, and we'll see if we can get together. I have many wonderful and new things to share with you. The revelation that has been coming to me and the downloads concerning water have been astonishing, and I've caught a glimpse of what I think is coming. It may startle you as much as it has me.

The last several months at home have brought much needed restoration mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. I have spent hours reading and studying the many new things that the Lord is showing me. It has taken me completely out of my boxed thinking, but I'm ready for a new season. I will continue to travel and minister as the doors open, but I want to be able to incorporate some new and innovative things regarding natural health and sound, frequency, and music therapy. You'll have to 'stay tuned'.

Last of all, I want to thank you and ask you for your prayers for Joshua who has been in Afghanistan about six weeks. He called over the weekend deeply distressed that his company had lost a pilot and an apache helicopter in a crash. He is part of a small company that did not lose either one man or a helicopter during their 15 months in Iraq. So it was very hard too lose someone so soon. The cause of the crash appears to be mechanical failure which devasted the mechanics who work so hard to keep the 'birds' in the air. Joshua had mentioned they were having trouble getting the needed parts and supplies, although I do not know if that was the particular cause. He took it especially hard as the helicopter that crashed had at one time been assigned to him as the crew chief. It had his fingerprints on it. When I visited him at Ft Bragg over Thanksgiving, he had taken me to the hanger and shown me his aircraft of which I have a picture. He was very proud of it and being its crew chief. That is the very same one that crashed. He had NOT worked on it prior to the crash or since being in Afghanistan, as it had been assigned to someone else, but he took the loss of his pilot friend and the needed and valuable helicopter pretty hard as did their entire company. As you are led, would you pray for him and his company that there will never be another loss of life or aircraft.

If you would like to write to Josh or send a package, his address is:

Spec Joshua Reed
C co 1-82ARB TF Wolf Pack
Task Force Pegasus
APO AE 09355

Be sure and write or type the address exactly as shown. He said it could take nearly a month to receive mail. You can also email him at There is an underscore between his name and amt. He has not been able to check emails frequently, but will be moving to another base next week that will allow him easier access.

In closing, I thank you for your prayers and support and ask you not to stop. Josh and I need our friends, and I trust I will be a friend and encouragment to you as long as I keep writing these newsletters. Your financial support is always deeply appreciated and definitely needed.

Don't forget to get online on the website: If you did not get to read "Days of Glory" as the attachment I sent, it is now posted online.

May you be blessed and strengthened in your inner man as we allow the Voice of Many Waters to speak to us from within.

My love to all of you,


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