Friday, January 28, 2011

Pierre Aglow Reading List

I have been thinking that we need a 'Prison Ministry Reading List'.  If I'm not the only one, please add your suggestions for a reading list for our Prison Ministry Team.  I own each of the books below (if you want to borrow one), or they are available online or from other sources. I am suggesting the following:

Sunset to Sunset by Thomas Lawrence Riggs (as told to Margaret Kellogg Howard).  I think this is an important book for the spiritual mapping of our area.  It may be available at the Cultural Heritage Center (I'll check on that) - I see it's quite expensive as a used book on Amazon or

The Captivity Series: The Key To Your Expected End by Katie Souza (also available at amazon and some others). She is a former inmate and drug addict who ministers deliverance.  This is written specifically for inmates, in a Bible study format, and I think it would also be useful for those who minister in prisons.  That said, I haven't read through the entire thing.  I'd love to have it as a Bible study for prison inmates.

Secrets of the Secret Place by Bob Sorge - this is a wonderful devotional book, and there's a companion Bible study workbook to go with it.  There's also a DVD series which I have, and which, again, I'd love to have at the prison.  Bob Sorge's website is, and there is an online discussion forum for the book.  It's also available at, etc.

In the name of Jesus, I thank you, prison ministry team and everyone who reaches out to inmates.  Thank you.  You are very much appreciated.


kim s said...

On April 1, Judson Press will release Ministry with Prisoners & Families: The Way Forward by W. Wilson Goode Sr., Charles E. Lewis Jr., and Harold Dean Trulear. It's going to be a terrific resource! Stay tuned.

kim s said...

Actually, here's a link to Ministry with Prisoners & Families. You can pre-order copies now:

DeAnnH said...

Thank you, Kim!