Thursday, November 27, 2008

Church of Hope at the Women's Prison

Merlyn Hilmoe had the opportunity to preach at the Women's Prison for their weekly Saturday evening church service twice in October, and once at the H Unit, and Janie Cass led worship. At the H Unit, we viewed the Louie Giglio video, "How Great is Our God", which is a moving and inspiring discussion of the universe and our (very small) place in it. Here's a link for part of the video

When we called the distributor for permission to present it at the prison, they were extremely gracious and indicated that we could show it wherever we want, whenever we want, with only the caveat that we not make copies of it (as of course we would never do).

We plan to use the DVD at our December 28 Aglow service at the main prison, with live worship before and after the video.

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