Thursday, November 27, 2008

Recap: October 13 The Prayer Experience (Jehovah Rapha)

Life got so exciting there was no time to blog! If you can imagine.

To recap: The Prayer Journey, provided by Barbara Roos from Carthage, was a joint meeting of the Jehovah Rapha prayer meeting held each month at New Life Assembly of God, and the Pierre Aglow group.

The Prayer Journey was awesome! We began with some worship in the main room, then one by one, the attendees moved to the starting point, where we washed our hands in preparation for the journey. Tables throughout the room focused our attention on many of the different ways the Lord has revealed Himself to us.

We loaded backpacks with blocks of wood representing the problems we have such a hard time laying down, and then noticed the difference after they had been discarded.

We received Communion; we knelt before the cross; we wrote our names on God's hand; we tried on bridal veils.

And we wrote, drew or colored our prayers of thanksgiving to the One who gave His life for us.

As I said, it was an awesome time and I'm so thankful for all who took part, especially those to whom this was not a familiar or easy task. Thank you, Barbara for working so hard to present it.

Please add your comments if you attended.

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