Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Merry Christmas from Pierre Aglow

Morning Grace

We used this photo on our prison flyers for this month, as we weren't exactly sure how the service would line up. The Pierre Aglow Prison Ministry Team ministered on the last Sunday in December at the Main Prison, after having to cancel the H Unit service on Saturday due to the Christmas 2009 blizzard.
Janie Cass led worship and Merlyn Hilmoe gave his testimony of what the Lord has done in him. Sunny Hannum honored us with a dance she had choreographed to the song "Jesus Christ, the Apple Tree," and Joel Pfeifle completed our group. And we had a bumper group - 42 ladies attended!
Please lift those ladies in prison before the Father in your prayer times. There are a large number of prayer request slips. Merlyn has already prayed over them and after I have also done so I will put them in an envelope and pass them along to the rest of the group. Here is one of the prayer requests:
"I want to pray for my family, especially my mother and three little brothers, step-dad, and grandmda for always being there for me. And I want to pray for their good health. I want to pray for forgiveness from family members - that they forgive me. I want to pray that I'm able to live a happy successful life when I leave prison. I want to pray that I find the path my Lord wants me to walk. I want to pray for the addictrs and alcoholics who are still suffering. I want to pray for all those who I have wronged, and who have wronged me. I want to pray for clear thoughts. I want to pray that I let the past be the past and for me to focus on the future. I want to pray for whoever's reading this. God bless you always."

And I echo that sentiment: I pray for everyone who's reading this: God bless you always!

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