Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fling Wide the Door To My Soul - Pierre Aglow November 2009

Lori Bruse began our time together by talking about the north wind (representing trials and testings) and the south wind of refreshing, and then danced an anointed expression of her love for the Lord. Chris explained and demonstrated Harp and Bowl worship and the worship team and attendees responded with words from the Lord, life experiences, prayers and Scripture.

One of the attendees offered a word that had been given by the chaplain at the Saturday evening service. It was, "When you're facing the north wind, it's easier to stand together than stand apart."

This is one of the songs that brought us into the Spirit (http://sierrabu.wordpress.com/2009/11/02/fling-wide-the-door-to-my-soul/ for chords).

Let the Winds Blow
Misty Edwards 2009

Awake, awake, oh north wind
Awake, awake, oh south wind
Blow ... over me
Come, oh winds of testing, come winds of refreshing
Blow ... over me

I won’t be afraid, I will face the wind
I won’t be afraid, I’ll embrace the flame

Let the winds blow, let the winds blow (x4)

Fling wide the door to my soul,
Open up the door to my heart
Have Your way, have your way, have Your way…

Take me through the fire,
Take me through the rain
Take me through the testing, I’ll do anything
Test me, try me, prove me, refine me
Like the gold, like the gold

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