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Special Meeting March 24, 2012, featuring Staff & Bowls Ministries

Special Meeting March 24, 2012
Featuring Staff & Bowls Ministries from Harris, Minnesota

6:30 pm - please bring a snack to share
1917 Flag Mountain Drive, Pierre, SD 57501
For more information: deannh@pie.midco.net or 605-224-2027

Nancy Bartel from Staff & Bowls Ministries of Harris, Minnesota, will minister alongside her team (Sharon Owen, Peggy Victor and Kitty Shipshock). Nancy's call is that of helps to the Body of Christ, Her strongest service is that of intercessory prayer and deliverance. She has certificates with Elijah House Ministries in Spokane, WA. She operates in the prophetic and various forms of spiritual warfare as well. She has operated in her administrative gifting in the secular world as well as the Body of Christ for thirty plus years.

Growing up, Nancy was convinced she had nothing to offer anyone. Having been traumatized in her mothers’ womb, she grew up with many issues. Having come to the Lord in 1970, she has gone through years of healing and since 1986 began to minister when she came alongside Jim Sky Ministries at a storefront church on 9th and Robert Street in St. Paul, MN.

In 1996 she and her husband, Wally formed their own ministry; Staff and Bowls Ministries (named so for the wheat grains (from staves of wheat), ground to flour to be made into bread and broken, that others may eat)

Nancy has always had a love for the Native American people. She and her husband, Wally, had close First Nations friends/neighbors growing up. She has a brother who is half Native American. Nancy also is the oldest of five girls. Nancy grew up in a dysfunctional/alcoholism family and knows the struggles of becoming whole in Christ.

Wally and Nancy have traveled many times with Jim Sky to western regions of the US leading worship and ministering alongside the Sky's. Nancy also is the oldest of five girls. In 1996 she and Wally began visiting Native American reservations in western Wisconsin, and northern MN. Currently, they travel regularly to the Mole Lake/Pottawatomie Reservations, Lac Courte Oreilles reservations, and to the Red Lake and Leech Lake Reservations in particular, helping with what they can to encourage and help grow the Body of Christ there with teaching and worship gatherings. Wally plays guitar and Nancy [plays Native American flutes and guitar and electric autoharp. Nancy is currently facilitating Elijah House Schools and Bible Studies at the reservations as the Lord leads

Nancy and her team will minister at the SD Women's Prison on March 24 and 25 in addition to this special meeting.  Please invite your friends and join us on Saturday, March 24.

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