Sunday, May 5, 2013

From Glory to Glory - 2013

It's been almost a year since I posted! Pierre Aglow has continued with prison ministry in two different venues each month, with occasional local meetings included in the mix.

January 2013 brought Karen and Steve Nelson from Elkton, SD, who ministered with us a the prison and at a local meeting held in our home. This is a visual interpretation Karen created around the concepts in the Beatitudes.

In February 2013, the team 'Sounds of Grace' from around Olivet, SD, presented a sketch developed from Katie Souza's series on "The Key to Your Expected End".They also presented copies of Katie Souza's book to prison inmates. The team ministered effectively at a local meeting as well.

In March 2013, Pastor Brad Gienger from Seventh Day Adventist Church in Pierre, SD, ministered with Aglow at the prison. It was an awesome and fulfilling time of worship and the Word.

April 2013 brought Jeff and Autumn Mann from James River Church in Huron, SD, who presented a 3-part Healing Retreat last weekend. Simultaneously, Colleen and Ivan Venner ministered in worship and word at the other unit.

And here we are with May 2013!  Kathryn (Kit Murray) will minister with an abbreviated Aglow team (limited by conflicting graduation engagements), but I know it will be powerful!


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