Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Aglow International Conference Blog

Here is the link for the Aglow 2014 Conference Blog. It gives great detail on each session of the conference - and it's so nice to read someone else's notes for a change!

For instance, below is a note from Glenna Remington (East River Area Board), followed by my own notes about the same word:

Word from Aglow International Conference 2014- Albuquerque, New Mexico, for Native Americans 

                                                      by Julie Meyer 

I'm after the First Nations! Great revelation of the Great Spirit to the chiefs, pick you up like a paint brush, paint a picture of the Great Spirit, different reservations paint the same picture. When they see me they will know. 

You are not forgotten, I'm pouring out a blessing on you. Sign my name on clay, creativity. I see casinos closing and opening as houses of prayer, resurrection centers! 

It's gonna happen, you know the ways of the wind, rain and ways of the Spirit when I step, going to go the ways of the Great Spirit and lead the way. You're not forgotten, bless, bless God, be joyful, no longer be drunk with the wine of the world, but the wine of the Spirit. Write your name in the picture says the Lord. 
"First Nations peoples will begin to paint the very same picture of the Great Spirit.  I will pick them up by the paintbrush and use them.  Casinos closing & reopening as Houses of Prayer. Creativity, resurrection - they'll lead the way. You are not forgotten - I love to bless."

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