Monday, February 22, 2016

Pierre Aglow Prison Ministry – Annual Report 2015
Pierre Aglow Prison Ministry partners with local supporters to show God’s love to prison inmates. We are so blessed to be able to carry out the words of Matthew 25:36 (“I was in prison and you visited me“). A very special thank all who have supported us, for your ministry, encouragement, prayers, and financial blessing. Thank you and God bless you.
Pierre Aglow Prison Ministry brings a speaker and worship team to two prison units during the 4th weekend of each month. Prayer partners outside the prison carry the inmates’ written prayer requests before the Father. We distribute a monthly newsletter, ‘Burning,’ to Aglow attendees, and send birthday cards to attendees. Opportunities for ministry abound inside and outside the SDWP - please contact us if you have a passion for prison ministry. For more information, please check our Facebook page and our blog at
Our speakers at the prison during 2015 have been Sarah McKinley (Pierre, SD), Carla Noe (Sioux Falls, SD), Karen Nelson (Elkton, SD), Pastor Jeff Mann - Purity and Restoration Seminar (Huron, SD), Pastor Dan Hammer by video, Denette Eisnach Becker (Pierre, SD), Pastor Joe Henson (Pierre, SD), Patricia Harrington (San Marcos, TX), Patricia Messer and Lisa Bollock (Rapid City, SD), Kathryn Murray (Sioux Falls, SD), Teresa Bray (Pierre, SD), Myrna Buckles and Anita Brehe (PIerre, SD), Betsy Moeller (Rosholt, SD), and Sande Lofberg (Rapid City, SD). We have had awesome worship with Sarah McKinley and members of the Blood Washed Band. 

We also hosted several ‘local’ Pierre Aglow meetings outside the prison: a Concert of Worship with Josh Easter and a New Life worship team in January; a DVD from the Aglow 2014 conference (Dan Hammer) in April; and speakers Patricia Harrington (San Marcos, TX), and Patricia Messer and Lisa Bollock (Rapid City, SD) in July; Betsy Moeller (Rosholt, SD) in November;  and Sande Lofberg (Rapid City, SD) with worship by Jenn Evanson Lee (Sioux Falls, SD) in December. 

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